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The Trusty Speedometer - How Does It Work & How To Maintain It

The Trusty Speedometer - How Does It Work & How To Maintain It

As you cruise down the highway, your eyes inevitably glance at that familiar dial on your dashboard – the speedometer. It's more than just a gauge - a trusted companion, ensuring you navigate the roads at the right pace - but how does it work exactly?  And because every companion deserves care, we'll also delve into tips on how to maintain this trusty device for a seamless journey. How the Speedometer Works The speedometer is a marvel of mechanical ingenuity, relying on the principles of electromagnetism to deliver real-time information about your vehicle's speed. Within its housing, a flexible, magnetized metal cup is connected to the vehicle's transmission. As the vehicle accelerates, the spinning transmission cable turns the magnet, creating a magnetic field. Adjacent to the rotating cup is a metal disc, also magnet ... read more

Top 10 Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Tire Shop Near You

Are you tired of feeling uncertain about which tire shop really has your back? Facing the roads during Calgary's extreme weather swings, from sweltering summers to icy winters, isn’t just about having good tread; it’s also about finding a tire shop you can rely on. Mint Auto Service is more than a provider of quality tires. We are your all-weather allies. Get ready to drive with confidence through every season as we explore the top ten considerations for choosing the best tire shop near you: 1. Reputation, Reviews & Recommendations: Online reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable. Good reviews from those in your community mean the shop’s been doing right by folks for a while. Reliable service gets noticed, and the best tire shops in Calgary, like Mint Auto, have the thumbs-up from your neighbors to prove it. Check out honest reviews from our customers ... read more

Seasonal Effects on Wheel Alignment

Have you ever noticed your car veering slightly off course or your tires wearing down unevenly? That's your wheel alignment talking, and it's a conversation that changes with Calgary’s four seasons. Each seasonal twist, from winter's chill to summer's heat, introduces new challenges to your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Understanding seasonal impacts on your wheel alignment isn't just about auto maintenance. It’s vital knowledge for safer, smoother driving. Here's how each season might impact your vehicle’s wheel alignment: Winter's Grip: Navigating the ChillIcy Conditions: Winter roads are notorious for ice, causing your vehicle to slide and subtly throwing its wheel alignment off. These minor shifts accumulate, often unnoticed, until there's a notable pull in the steering. If your c ... read more

Your Comfort is Our Priority: Providing a Hassle-Free Experience for Auto Repair Services in Calgary

When navigating the streets of Calgary, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your car is up to the task. That's where Mint Auto Service comes in, offering a seamless, worry-free auto repair experience designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Established in 1969, we've grown from a humble muffler repair shop to a comprehensive auto service network deeply ingrained in Calgary's community. We prioritize your vehicle's needs and your peace of mind, blending traditional values with modern efficiency. Welcome to hassle-free car care. Rooted in Tradition and Revving Toward the Future Mint Auto Service wasn't always the go-to spot for everything car-related in Calgary. Four decades ago, we started small, hustled hard, and knew that our neighbors deserved the best. From a single muffler repair shop to three full-service auto centers ( ... read more


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