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Signs Your Engine Oil Filter Needs a Change

Keeping your car running smoothly isn’t just about filling up the gas and giving it the occasional wash. A big part of your car’s health lies under the hood, especially with your engine oil filter. In this guide, we'll explore the top signs that your engine oil filter needs changing. How Do Engine Oil Filters Work? First, let’s quickly talk about what an oil filter does. This little part cleans your engine oil as it circulates, trapping dirt and debris. Think of it as a security guard for your engine, keeping the harmful stuff out. But if the filter gets too clogged, it can’t do its job. That's bad news for your engine, leading to a host of problems. Now that we understand the critical role of the oil filter in protecting your engine, let's identify the key signs that indicate when this vital component needs changing. Top Signs Your Oil Filter Needs a Change:1) Reduced Performance: If you notice ... read more

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