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Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Car Performing Flawlessly in Chilly Weather

Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Car Performing Flawlessly in Chilly Weather

As the winter season takes hold and the chilly wind shakes us a bit, our cars are faced with a unique set of hurdles. The freezing temperatures can have an impact on vital vehicle components, and the hazardous roadways require extra caution. It's crucial that we take a proactive approach in order to ensure our vehicles can withstand the cold weather with resilience and grace.Understanding the Impact of Cold Weather on CarsThe icy grasp of winter can cast a pervasive impact on every facet of our cars, as we mentioned above. One of the most prominent effects lies in the thickening of fluids, such as engine oil and transmission fluid, leading to increased resistance and reduced efficiency within vital mechanisms. Additionally, the contraction of various materials under extreme cold can result in heightened strain on critical components, potentially leading to premature wear and tear. Furthermore, the decreased ... read more

Efficient Tips for Maximizing The Performance of Your Car Heater

Calgary winters can transform the city into a beautiful but chilly snow globe. At Mint Auto Service, we understand the significance of maximizing car heater performance. A well-optimized heater ensures your comfort during cold mornings and supports your safety. Let's dive into ways you can make the most of your vehicle's heating system. Why Car Heater Efficiency is Essential in Winter Imagine stepping into your vehicle on a chilly morning only to discover your heater is unresponsive. Frustrating, right? An inefficient car heater makes your drive uncomfortable and can compromise safety by fogging up your windows. Ensuring your heater is up to the mark is vital for a safe and comfortable winter driving experience. The Engine-Heater Connection Before exploring efficient ways to maximize your car’s heater performance, it's helpful to understand how your vehicle’s heating system works. Unlike your home's heating system, your v ... read more

Car Maintenance Checklist: Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Fall in Calgary

Fall is arriving in Calgary, bringing cooler temperatures and the anticipation of winter. Just as we gear up with warm layers and shift our daily routines, our cars also need some prep for the colder months. Are you ready to drive in Calgary’s unique fall conditions? We’ve crafted a seasonal maintenance checklist to ensure your vehicle is in prime shape: 1. Tire Check Tires connect your car to the road, so they must be in top shape. A few factors to check: Pressure: Temperature changes can impact tire pressure. Regularly monitor and adjust your tire pressure as needed. You can find the recommended PSI in your vehicle’s manual. Tread Depth: Tread depth is crucial for safe driving. A simple way to check your tire's tread depth is by using a tread depth gauge, available at most auto parts stores. If the reading is 2/32 of an inch or less, it's time to replace your tires. Winter Tires: Calgar ... read more

11 Warning Signs Your Car Suspension Needs Immediate Attention

The suspension system is an essential yet often overlooked component of your vehicle. Beyond ensuring a smooth ride, it aligns the wheels, balances weight, and optimizes the connection between your tires and the road. When your vehicle’s suspension is not performing at its best, you'll feel it in every jolt and swerve. Key Signs Your Vehicle's Suspension Requires Care: 1. Rough Ride & Feeling Every Bump If every drive feels like an off-road adventure or you find yourself jolted even by minor road imperfections, it might mean your shocks or struts need replacing. A healthy suspension system should cushion these bumps, ensuring a smooth journey. If that's not the case, it's a clear indication that your suspension isn't absorbing as it should. 2. Bouncing After Bumps A healthy suspension system will quickly regain composure after a bump. If your car behaves like a trampoline, continuing to bounce severa ... read more

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