5 Common Mistakes Drivers Make

We've all had our fair share of guilty deeds when it comes to driving. While there are some things we can get away with, like forgetting to signal once or twice, some driving habits can do grave damage to your vehicle. Let's break down some of the most common driving practices that can hurt your car and why you should stop doing them ASAP.

#1: Crashing into Potholes

Some cities may have more road obstacles like potholes than others. However, potholes can be found in both rural, urban, and anywhere in between areas. These sneaky holes can cause more than a bump. If you hit a pothole straight on and if it's deep enough, potholes can ruin your car's suspension, steering, and wheel alignment. To prevent this from happening to you, we advise that you stay alert and drive defensively to avoid these nasty things. In some instances, slowing down can help by minimizing the impact and the potential damage altogether.

#2 - Speeding Over Speed Bumps

Speaking of bumps, going over a speed bump too fast can have a similar effect. Speed bumps are intended to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe by reducing the speed of motor vehicles. Flinging yourself over one can jack up your automobile's alignment. Your automobile can take a brutal hit if your car sits lower to the ground. Hitting a speed bump can even put a dent in your bumpers or hurt the components in the undercarriage. 

#3 - Not Using the Parking Brake

Most people do not know this, but you are supposed to use your parking brake or e-brake every time you park—no matter what kind of surface you're parking on. Experts say that you should always do this to preserve your transmission's health.

#4: Not Coming to a Complete Stop Before Switching Gears

Whenever you speedily change gears from "Reverse" to "Drive" while your car is still moving, your car's transmission system endures a lot of pressure. Most transmissions aren't made to stop your car and switch gears at the same time. Instead, they depend on your brakes to stop the car's movement to transition between gears smoothly. 

#5: Ignoring Dashboard Warning Lights

Some people ignore their dashboard messages and signs, similar to putting off looking at their emails. If a light comes on your dashboard, you should take it as a distress signal most of the time. Leaving dashboard lights unattended could leave you in stressful situations and costly repairs. 

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