Can I Use Water In Place of Windshield Washer Solvent?

When people contemplate using water instead of windshield washer fluid, they do it for three very good reasons:
Using water instead of windshield washer fluid saves money.
Using water instead of windshield washer reduces the use of chemicals that pollute the environment.
Water does not contain solvents that can damage the car's paint finish.
However, does this mean that you should replace your windshield wiper solvent with water?
The answer is no!

Why You Should Never Use Water Instead of Window Wiper Fluid

If you use water in your window wiper system in the winter, the water freezes, swells up as it turns to ice, and damages your entire system.
If you use water in warm weather, especially tap water, is that the minerals in it crust in the wiper's reservoir, tubes and pump, eventually rendering it useless.
Water does not have the solvents and soporific agents needed to dissolve bugs and rinse your windows so that they are crystal clear.
Water can be used in your window wiper system in the summer, but you risk damage to the system as the system is meant for wiper fluid, which is more thicker and easier to propel through the wiper heads.
Once frozen, water in the system expands, turns to ice and completely wrecks your windshield wiper system. This can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

Why You Should Always Use Windshield Fluid 

Many different things end up on a windshield including dust, bugs and mud. The solvents, antifreeze and detergent in window washing fluid dissolve all grime so you can view the road without any smears.
All washer fluids contain antifreeze, either in the form of methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol, and this is what prevents the windshield cleaning system's fluid reservoir, pump and tubing from freezing in colder climates.

If you are concerned that your wiper fluid is somehow leaking and causing damage to the rubber parts or paint finish on your vehicle, or if you have damaged your vehicle's window wipers by using water, then it is time to talk to an auto expert at Mint Auto Service.

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