Crash Course on Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment Machine

A proper wheel alignment is crucial when it comes to safe vehicle handling. All of your wheels need to be properly aligned and pointed in the right direction so that you can steer your vehicle as you please. When you operate a car, SUV, or truck with misaligned wheels, your tires can suffer from dangerous consequences. For instance, your tires will wear down quicker and unevenly, and you may have difficulty driving straight. When you face a misalignment problem, it is important that you take care of it right away.

Having wheel alignments done when they should will not only keep you safer on the road, but it will save you money on tires over the years. Your vehicle will also see improvements in efficiency and performance. Lastly, you won't be stuck with surprising repairs related to your suspension or steering system. In order to avoid having misaligned wheels, you should be careful of the things that can cause them:

  • Running over potholes
  • Speeding over speed bumps
  • Crashing into curbs or road debris
  • Low-quality suspension parts
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Improper vehicle mods, including lift kits

Furthermore, it is important that you know the hazardous symptoms of wheel misalignment. Be on the lookout for one or more of the following signs: 

  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right/inability to drive straight
  • Random shakiness or vibrations 
  • Excessively bumpy ride
  • Premature and uneven tire wear
  • Crooked steering wheel

If you suspect that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, look no further than Mint Auto Service. Our professional team is experienced with using our facility's state-of-the-art alignment machines and can correct your wheels in no time. Please give us a call or visit our shop soon!

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