Dealing with Flat Tires: Repair or Replace? A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Dealing with Flat Tires: Repair or Replace? A Guide to Making the Right Choice in Calgary, AB | Mint Auto Service

Your motor vehicle's wheels are critical parts of a safe journey. At the same time, tires keep the vehicle's occupants away from the ground. However, wheels and tires are often neglected because of inconvenience and cost. Tires are the best safety feature available if safety is a concern.

Unfortunately, tires don't last forever. Sooner or later, you'll need new tires. If you have a flat tire, it might be okay to repair it. Some people need to learn about fixing flats, which could save motor vehicle owners thousands of dollars. If you're wondering when to replace or repair, this guide helps vehicle owners understand when to fix or replace a flat tire.

Flat Tire Repair

Flat tire repair is inevitable if you own a motor vehicle. Thankfully, punctures can be repaired if it meets these conditions:

  • The tire's damage can't weaken its performance, and the puncture repair can't undermine its performance so that it holds air. This is a safety feature that keeps the vehicle away from the ground.
  • Generally, any puncture smaller than 6 mm can be repaired if the tire has no other damage. The puncture must be in the tread area and not a sidewall.
  • A tire should be replaced if there are more than two punctures, especially if the punctures are within sixteen inches of each other.
  • Flats shouldn't be repaired if they've already been repaired twice.
  • The puncture can't be on the tire's shoulder or sidewall.

As long as the tire doesn't already need replacing, it can be reused. The tire's tread can't be worn below about 3 mm. Some run-flat tires can't be repaired if used with less than fifteen psi.

If you need a tire inspection and flat repair, call the team at Mint Auto Service in Calgary, AB!

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