How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs

The combustion of your engine relies on the efficient functioning of different parts. One of the crucial components is the spark plugs that affect your vehicle's gas mileage and acceleration. These plugs need regular changing to maintain high performance. But how do you know when you need to change them?

First, you need to know what a spark plug looks like. Most plus is about 10 centimeters long in the shape of a tube. One side is white, which stays outside, while the other end looks like an ignition point that ends up in the cylinder. A normal plug has a brownish or tan color, while fouled plus is black. If the plug is oily, it indicates the plug has been damaged by oil.

Every car has a manual that will indicate the maintenance and frequencies of maintenance. Your manual will indicate how often you need to change your spark plugs. To stay on the safe side of things, change your spark plugs after every ~48,280 km. 

The state of the plus may differ under different driving conditions, but if you are unsure, you must get an expert opinion from a mechanic. A mechanic will say assess the state of the plugs accurately since some plugs may last way less than ~48,280 km while others may last up to ~128,748 km.

If you don't have the car manual, there are other ways of knowing if you need to change your plugs. You will notice that the car idling is poor, and the engine will knock. In other cases, the car will not start. These signs indicate that you should get urgent intervention before the matter worsens.

For early detection, keep an eye on your fuel consumption. If the gas mileage decreases significantly, it could be an excellent indicator of poor combustion. When this happens, it is time to get new plugs.

To make sure you have the correct plugs for your car, it's crucial to get a professional involved. Many auto dealers can offer the service at a fee. But for the best deals and plug replacement, give Mint Auto Service a call today to get sorted out.

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