Symptoms of Worn Shocks & Struts

Automotive Shocks

Shocks and struts are the backbone of your vehicle’s suspension system. They are in charge of providing a smooth and comfortable car ride, and they keep your wheels properly on the road. Both shocks and struts combine a spring and a damper into a structure. Without a functional suspension system, your car ride can get really bouncy.

The damper is the enclosed cylinder that shifts a piston up and down as the wheel makes contact with the road. The cylinder contains a fluid that flows through the holes and valves in the piston, which help control your speed. 

Over time, your shocks or struts can wear down. As a result, it won’t control your vehicle’s bounce as well as it used to. You may need suspension replacements more often depending on the roads you drive. If you frequently drive on gravel or bumpy surfaces, shocks and struts replacement may be required every 80,000 km. However, if you drive in normal conditions, you should expect to change them every 100,000 km or longer.

What Are the Symptoms of Bad Shocks & Struts?

  • The front end of the vehicle dips down whenever you brake.
  • The rear-end of the vehicle squats with hard acceleration.
  • Up and down vehicle bouncing whenever you drive over minor bumps
  • Swaying or bobbing on turns
  • Uneven and premature tire wear 
  • Visible leaking fluid near the suspension components

If you noticed any of the signs above, please carry on with caution. We highly recommend that you bring your car to Mint Auto Service as soon as possible. For shocks and struts replacement, please give us a call or visit soon.

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