The Importance of Regular Transmission Fluid Flushes and When to Get One

Proper maintenance is crucial to vehicle performance and safety. The car's transmission is a vital part that requires care, especially the transmission fluid, which lubricates the transmission.

Transmission issues are expensive, which is why you should care about maintenance. The following is what you need to know about transmission fluid:

Importance of Transmission Fluid Flushes

A car's transmission involves many moving parts. The transmission fluid regulates temperature to ensure all the components work smoothly together.

Due to absorbing heat and regulating temperature, transmission fluid breaks down and burns
with time. Eventually, it will start negatively affecting the transmission and other car parts.

Regular transmission fluid flushes are crucial to keeping the transmission working optimally and keeping the car in excellent shape.

When To Flush Transmission Fluid

Most car owners have little to no idea how often they should flush their transmission fluid. It can be challenging to know how often to do it, even if you know the importance of the flushes.

The first and foremost thing is to check the car's owner's manual. It will often tell you how many miles you can go before a transmission fluid is necessary.

Cars with sealed transmissions require fewer flushes. However, you should check with your local mechanic for instructions if the owner's manual does not help.

Check The Transmission Fluid

If your vehicle does not have a sealed transmission, you should manually check the transmission fluid yourself. A check will tell you whether you need to flush the fluid.
If you cannot do the check yourself, take the car to an auto repair shop or mechanic, and they will check it for you.

If you need a transmission fluid flush, bring your vehicle to Mint Auto Service today!

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